Principal's Message

Dear Students,

The highest result of education is tolerance- Helen Keller

The more you learn, the more you notice you don't understand, the more you live, the more you see what you're missing. And the more you strive to be all perfect, the more you can realize that there are insufficient opportunities, but changing in a dynamic intellectual ecology. Thus, the full measure of education can be the ability not to tolerate, but to accept their limitations, and the limitations of those around them. Embrace our humaneness. And that requires humility.

Fr. Agnel School provides an affectionate, positive and safe school setting. It provides a respectful environment for education and a healthy environment. The school could be different this year due to online learning. I am pleased to be part of this Fr. Agnel family.

The world is still going through a pandemic! It continues to spread in other forms, bringing new shocks and fear, but we are conquerors. We must learn to gird ourselves and wear a courageous face, and show a hopeful gaze amid the horrific pandemic that has thrown millions off the track, leaving behind misery and pain, poverty and starvation

We learned to adapt to the new standard by wearing a face mask in public places, stay indoors more than in the past, avoid unnecessary travel, study with online classes avoid parties and celebrations, etc. Moreover, we have learned to be happy with the minimum and to be at ease even the discomfort. As well, we have learned to appreciate the positive impact the pandemic has had on our family. Bridging the gap, we remained together, prayed and dined together, celebrated life together.

Let there be a change in ourselves, a transformation from the negative to the positive, from death to life, since we have already begun this academic year 2021-2022. Let us leave our worries in the hands of the Almighty God, and hear him say: Those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength. “They will fly on wings like eagles, they will run and not tire, they will walk and not be weary. ” I hope and pray that this year our management, staff, students, parents and supporters will be in good health and safety.

Stay well! Stay positive! Keep smiling!

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Jean Paul Diaz
(Principal )

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