Head Boy's Message

A friend once asked Samuel B. Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, “professor, did you ever come to a stage when you did not know what to do next, while working?”

“OH YES! More than once”, Morse replied.

“And at such times, what did you do next?”

“I must answer you in confidence”, replied the inventor,

“but it is a matter of which, the public knows nothing. Whenever I could not see my way clearly, I knelt down prayed to god for light and understanding”.

“And did light and understanding come?” asked the friend.

“Yes”, declared Morse.“And may I tell you that when flattering honours came to me from America and Europe, on account of my invention, which bears my name, I never felt I deserve them. I had made a valuable application of electricity, not because I was superior to other men, but solely because god, who meant it for making, must reveal it to someone, and was pleased to reveal it to me”.

Similarly, in our lives too, there will come occasions, when we do not know what to do next and how to proceed. Sometimes, face illness, and other times failures, pain and desperation too.

All such experiences are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Just love yourself and your fellow beings.

Remember, always trust in god and spend time in prayer, at least 30 mins a day, and you’ll see the change. Then, as you move on in life, you will find impediments cleared and problems solved, enabling you to succeed. That’s all from my side and good luck with your life and what you make of it, because remember, god is always watching.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Head Boy)

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